Choice Program


Lake Region High School will strive to help each student make positive behavioral choices. The Choice Room is a place to learn, and our goal is to help students make the best decisions possible and to keep them in school. Through the Choice Program we handle all minor school concerns such as tardiness, minor discipline issues, dress code and other minor infractions.When a student is sent to the Choice Room we will work with him/her to correct the situation. Students will remain in the Choice Program for the remainder of the period in which they were sent.

While in the Choice Room, students will not be permitted to sleep, put head down, eat, drink, or chew gum. In addition, work will be assigned by a dean to be completed by the end of the period. Failure to do so may result in additional disciplinary consideration. Students will be permitted to make up academic work within three days of being assigned to choice. The student will be permitted to return to classes the following period. Each student will receive three (3) opportunities to correct minor misbehavior per class period before receiving an out-of-school suspension. These three infractions per period will only appear as a conference on the student’s record. If a student reaches 7 infractions overall, the parent/guardian will be required to conference in person with administration before the student can return to school.

Any disruption may result in immediate suspension from school depending on severity of the situation, as well as the student’s reaction. Discipline: All students are expected to follow school policies and procedures.

  • Tardies: Punctuality is essential for student success. There will be a warning bell at 7:00A.M. for all students to report to 1 st period class. All students must be inside the classroom door before time to start each class period. If not, the student will report to the Choice Program for the period. ALL TARDIES WILL REPORT TO THE CHOICE PROGRAM. An exception will be made if a student is returning from an appointment and provides a doctor’s note or arrives on a late bus. A parent/guardian bringing a student late to school as a result of unusual circumstances may come into the attendance office or send a note to the attendance office for student’s admission to class. Inclement weather may result in all tardies being excused by the principal.
  • Minor Discipline: Class disruption interrupts the educational process. If disruption occurs, the teacher will call the office and send a notice to the Choice Program by electronic referral. An administrator will come to the classroom to escort the student to the Choice Program where the previously mentioned procedures will transpire.
  • Sales/Trading/Food/Drinks: No merchandise of any kind will be bought, sold or traded by individual students during school hours or on school property. Items will be confiscated and will not be returned. Any item being bought or sold on the campus must be done so through an approved fundraising form by administration. Also, there will be no food or drink permitted in the classrooms with the exception of water.
  • Electronic Devices: During the school day, all electronic devices shall not be activated or used inside the academic buildings unless given permission by a teacher for a classroom project. All students will be reminded of this policy on the morning announcement. In addition, the student will receive one warning from the classroom teacher/staff member on the first time an electronic device is seen or heard without permission inside the buildings. Once three infractions involving electronic devices are documented, the student will receive a 1 day suspension from school. Subsequent documented infractions of the electronics policy will result in two or more days of suspension.
  • **Any infraction considered serious by the Code of Conduct, such as weapons, fighting, gangs, etc., will be handled by an administrator or the School Resource Officer and the student will not be afforded the opportunity to handle his/her infraction by working with the Choice Program. These types of infractions will result in suspension out of school and possible arrest. Lake Region High School has a Zero-Tolerance Policy for these types of behaviors.

Attendance: Students need to be in school each day. If not, he/she may be withdrawn from school. Students should turn in an excused note for all absences to the attendance office. Notes should include student name, ID, parent/legal guardian name, and parent telephone number. In addition, reason and date of absence should be described.

  • Checking In: All students check in at the attendance office. Students who are tardy to school will be required to go to the Choice Program. If returning from an appointment,students need to provide a doctor’s note when checking in at the attendance office.
  • Checking Out: Only the names on the emergency card can check students out of school. We will require photo identification for checking students out of school. Parents/guardians should come to the attendance office to check students out. Checkouts cannot be done by phone. WE WILL NOT CHECK STUDENTS OUT OF SCHOOL AFTER 1:30 P.M.
  • Skipping/unauthorized area: All students are to be in the proper class area at all times. Skipping is addressed if the student boards a bus to attend school and does not or if the student arrives by other means of transportation but does not attend class or if the student is not in assigned areas at assigned times. First offense will result in student being placed in Choice Room. Continuing offenses will become insubordination because students are refusing to carry out reasonable directions of authorized school personnel and will result in Short Term Suspension.

Dress Code: Dress code is covered in the Code of Conduct. If you have any doubts about what you are wearing to school, then don’t wear it.

  • Girls – Skirts/Shorts should be near the knee. Shirts/tops must cover your torso. Crew neck t-shirts with neckline at the collarbone and polo type shirts are permitted. All shirts must have sleeves. Pants should have no holes above the knee. No underclothing should show.
  • Boys – No tank tops and pants must be worn above the hip. Sagging pants will not be permitted. Crewneck t-shirts with neckline at the collarbone and polo type shirts are permitted. Pants should have no holes above the knee. No underclothing should show.
  • No blankets, no pajamas, no house/shower shoes, no head coverings, no offensive attire such as drugs, alcohol,sex, or gang type clothing. No sweat pants or clothing that does not fit appropriately. NO SPANDEX OF ANY TYPE. NO JEGGINGS.
  • There may be additional dress code changes throughout the school year as the administration works with committees and student organizations. If there are changes they will be announced and publicized so all are aware.

If there is a question concerning a dress code violation, teachers will call for an administrator and students will be in the Choice Program for the day unless a parent can be reached and can bring a change of clothing. Subsequent offenses could lead to discipline for insubordination.

StudentIDs: All students should have their IDs available at all times. Students will be required to use these IDs for lunch, media services, school events, etc. Students MUST have ID to leave class. Computer Usage: All students will have a computer access log on/user name. While the student is logged on, he/she is responsible for all activity that occurs on that computer.